Hello – I’m Angela and I love living well!

I work on the Public Health team at City of York Council, helping the good folk of York to lead happier, healthier lives. My passion is running, and my other interests include yoga and not eating ready meals… but I also enjoy the occasional cake or glass of wine, because life’s too short not to. And I love a good cup of coffee! I eat pretty healthily, but I’m not faddy or obsessive about it. Healthy eating needs to be sustainable, so the occasional treat is essential!

What is living well?

The foundation for living well is good nutrition combined with regular exercise, rest and relaxation. This is the key to a happier, healthier you! I really believe that nutrition forms the blueprint for our quality of life. If we eat badly, we feel tired, lack energy and are susceptible to ill-health. If we eat well, the opposite is true; we feel full of energy and enjoy better health all round. I also believe that exercise, rest and relaxation are essential elements of a healthy lifestyle. My aim is to inspire other people to love living well as much as I do.

My qualifications include:
• SAC Dip Diet and Nutrition
• UK Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness
• Walking for Health Walk Leader
• Level 2 Certificate in Fitness (Nordic) Walking
• VTCT Level 3 Swedish Body Massage
• VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Aromatherapy

Let’s live well and love it!