Get That Bikini Body? No Thanks!

It’s that time of year again! Summer holidays are fast approaching and every women’s magazine has a feature on how to get the perfect ‘bikini body’. You know the kind of thing… we’re all supposed to be able to look like a supermodel in about a week.

Basically they’re preying on the fear 99.9% of women feel about appearing practically naked in a public place in glaringly unflattering sunlight – which is completely understandable! It isn’t helped by the fact that we’re always being told by the media which celebrities are currently too fat/too thin in their bikinis at any particular time. In a world where nobody’s perfect it’s enough to make any normal woman paranoid! A recent feature expressed amazement that Julia Roberts felt able to play on the beach with her kids in a bikini, even though her stomach isn’t as flat as it used to be – for heaven’s sake, the woman’s over 40 and has had twins, give her a break!

So, the media is full of advice on how to get that bikini body in a week/10 days/a month. Take your pick of these programmes – none of them will work. The way to get a body you’re happy with is to look after it properly all the time, not just crash diet or go to boot camp for a fortnight before you hit the beach. A healthy weight, toned muscles and good skin come as a result of eating well and exercising regularly as a matter of course.

Whenever I go on holiday to France I’m always struck by how few fat people there are on the beach (and how much browner than me they are – but that’s another story!). This is because, in general, the French eat far better than we do. You won’t find many ready meals or massive aisles of snacks in French supermarkets. Meals tends to be prepared from scratch with fresh ingredients, and French people don’t usually snack between meals. They drink regularly but not heavily. Advice we could all do well to follow. You only get one body, so please treat it well! xx

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